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fountain When installing your fountain, here are the basics that you need to know.  Depending upon your fountain's design, it can take as little as a couple of hours or as much as a few days to install.

If you are installing a wall fountain, the wall must be sturdy enough to support the fountain, basin, and the water it contains.  If you are not sure whether the wall is strong enough, consult with a reputable contractor.  A decorative T-bracket fitted to the wall can help support the basin.  You'll need to drill holes in the wall so that the plumbing can be installed.  Drill the water outlet at just below eye level, and drill the water intake at knee level or below.  Insert a pipe through each hole, and join them behind the wall with elbow joints and flexible pipe.  You can now attach the fountain to the wall using mortar and wall plugs.  If the pump isn't built in, connect it to the intake pump and plug the pump cord into a GFI outlet. 

pond fountain If you are installing a freestanding fountain, most of these come preplumbed, and installation is simple.  Just be sure to level the site, using sand, stone, or soil.  The fountain's plug should be plugged into a GFI outlet.

Statuary fountains can be installed in ponds or out of ponds.  If you are installing an out-of-pond statuary fountain, its size will determine its base.  Small fountains can rest on stones at the edge of a pool or stream, while larger fountains will require a stronger base, like concrete.  The pump, which rests in the pond, will recirculate water through a flexible tube.  In-pond statuary fountains are usually larger, and will require a stronger base.  For fountains weighing less than 30 pounds, a stack of bricks will do; for larger fountains, a base of mortared brick or stone is necessary.  Statuary fountains weighing more than 100 pounds require footings.

If your garden fountain is installed in an area where winter frosts are a problem, be sure to drain your fountain and shut off its water supply before the first frost, and protect the fountain and pump from damaging winter weather conditions.

This article describes, in some detail, how to install a garden fountain.

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